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October 5, 2023

When was the Last Time you Replaced Your Home’s Air Filters?

When was the last time you replaced your home’s air filters? If you can’t remember, it is likely time to do so. Fall is the season of transition and the perfect time to embrace change not only around us, but also within your Marin, Sonoma, or Napa County home. The changing of the season is a great time to tackle some very important indoor air quality and HVAC maintenance items to ensure your system if ready for the colder weather to come and your family is breathing in fresh and clean air when they are likely to be inside more.

We are going to review the importance of changing your home’s air filters, the benefits it brings, and how it contributes to a healthier living environment during the autumn months.

The Importance of Your Home’s Air Filters

Air filters play a critical role in maintaining the quality of the air that we breathe indoors. They serve as barriers that capture and trap dust mites, allergens, pet dander, pollen, and other airborne particles that circulate in our homes. Over time, the filters become clogged with pollutants, reducing their efficiency and compromising indoor air quality. The air in our homes is often worse than the air found outdoors. This is typically due to the limited circulation area inside our homes. With less room to circulate properly, it’s easier for allergens and other air pollutants to affect our health and comfort.

According to the EPA, people spend approximately 90% of their time indoors. Meaning, for many people, the risks to health may be greater due to exposure to air pollution indoors than outdoors, especially during the colder seasons when people are inside more. Maintaining the air filters in your furnace and air conditioning (HVAC) system can help to improve indoor air quality. HVAC filters are designed to filter air throughout a home, that’s their job, to reduce indoor air pollution and filter out as much as possible. An unchanged and dirty or soiled air filter means unclean, airborne particles are being spread throughout your home.

If you can’t remember the last time you replaced your home’s air filters, or maybe you never have, it is probably long overdue.

The Benefits of Replacing Your Air Filters in the Fall

While it may seem like an unexciting task, regularly changing your home's air filters can have a significant impact on your home, HVAC system, and family’s health. Fall, in particular, presents unique challenges as the season brings an influx of allergens such as ragweed and mold spores, which can aggravate and intensity respiratory issues and allergies.

Some other benefits of replacing your air filters on a regular basis include:

  • Improved Indoor Air Quality: We can’t say this enough, but by regularly replacing your air filters, you ensure that the air circulating in your home remains clean and free from harmful particles. As mentioned above, this is especially crucial during fall when allergies and respiratory sensitivities tend to be more prevalent.
  • Enhanced Energy Efficiency: A clean air filter allows your heating and cooling systems to operate more efficiently. When the filter is clogged, your HVAC system has to work harder, consuming more energy and potentially leading to higher utility bills. By replacing the air filter, you can maintain optimal energy efficiency and save on energy costs.
  • Extended Lifespan of HVAC System: The accumulation of debris on dirty air filters can lead to strain on your heating and cooling systems. This strain can cause unnecessary wear and tear, potentially leading to costly repairs or premature failure of your HVAC system. Regularly replacing air filters can help extend the lifespan of your home’s cooling and heating system.

How often you should change your home’s air filter really varies by home. Having clean air filters is key to breathing clean air. We recommend changing your air filters at least once a month, but there is no exact number of days in which you should change your filters, as each home is different and it depends on the strain you put on your filter, what particles are in the air, and also what type of filter you have. It’s a good habit to check your air filters weekly and if you notice they are dirty, change them.

Improve Your North Bay Area Home’s Indoor Air Quality

If you can’t answer when the last time you replaced your home’s air filters was, now is a great time to do so. Don't let the changing leaves distract you from the essential task of maintaining your indoor air quality. By regularly replacing your home's air filters, particularly during the fall season, you can enjoy improved air quality, enhanced energy efficiency, and prolonged HVAC equipment lifespan, plus, it can increase the comfort for all of the people in your home.

If you are concerned about the air quality in your home, our experts at Bragg Cooling, Heating & Plumbing can help you come up with the right solution. We offer professional air filtration services for homeowners in Marin, Sonoma, and Napa Counties and also have UV air sanitizing solutions. There are several options when it comes to air filtration and purification. The right product for your home will depend on your specific air quality concerns. Our experts will help you navigate the different options and narrow down the best choices for your home.

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